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Looking for a Custom Script?

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See what traders around the world are saying about Toodegrees

See what traders around the world are saying about Toodegrees

  • Just got my @toodegrees Elite Collection, I have been using a free template, that helped me out a lot, got my first payout of year! 2024 is going to be crazy!


  • I won't lie @toodegrees indicators just straight fire wow. PO3, IPDA ranges, NEWS. Such good stuff here.


  • Both of you are wonderful, whatever you need just let me know, again thanks for this, for 9 years I’ve wanted something like this, got many charts splits to combine time frames now I can just enjoy the min and hourly together.


  • An absolutely necessary community to be a part of if you are a futures trader. More specifically an ICT trader, but all can benefit exponentially from the tools supplied by these amazing coders. If you are looking for like-minded individuals and to upgrade your analysis this is the place to be. These guys have single-handedly changed the way I view the markets!

    Larson F.

  • The absolute best indicator package I have ever bought. Community is great, plenty of resources to learn and grow.

    Cameron W.

  • I can credit your HTF PO3 TV ind. as the single best, most important tool that helps contribute to my increasing successes as an ICT trader…I discovered your indicators through @TTrades_edu, who has, for me, also has had such a positive impact on my life and ultimately my family’s…b/c of you two, I can look after my kids the way a parent should…thnx beyond words..


  • Looking to the new releases! And thank you for your contributions to the community so far. I use your indicators regularly now.


  • I have been using their tools for years, and I am continuously impressed by the brilliant minds behind it. Their trader-centric approach and meticulous work are truly a form of art. Great guys who are changing the game. 👁️

    Moses K.

  • Working with your customer service team... had an issue... cleared things up instantly (and late on a friday) .. explained EVERYTHING.. ultra responsive beyond what I was expecting! Hook up or not, it's a pleasure doing business and the tools themselves are 2nd to none!!


  • Amazing tool! Helps me tremendously to keep a higher timeframe perspective to my daytrades. Everyone on the too degrees team is also super helpful and professional. Highly recommend this tool and others - they cut down on prep time by quite a bit as well!

    Utsarga A.

  • Your trading will thank you! His indicators are so helpful! I use them every day!!!


  • Wooow. Dude. This is amazing what you are doing for the community 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️


  • Not only the indicators works perrfectly. The team he has behind him and the community wants you to become the best you can and find an edge. For me his indicators are lifechanging and helped me tremendously.

    Micheal H.